We’re back for the first time.

Continuum Design Ver 2.0.1 is finally online.

Work for the digital age

Continuum Design is a full–service web and print design studio. We are two designers committed to solving visual problems in a highly appropriate, effective manner. We are not here to bore customers to death with buzzwords and empty promises. We identify your target market and forge a solution to reach that market. From posters and mail campaigns to brand development and even custom Web applications, Continuum Design can deliver the results you have been asking for. Using the latest technology and development techniques, we are Work for the Digital Age.

Awareness for a changing world

The world of visual communications is changing faster than most would care to fathom. Where e–mail used to be the standard for rapid communication, instant messaging and cellular texting are taking over. But these are only two examples of a systemic information revolution. What does this mean to you? A major logistical challenge—because now you have to run a business AND develop an advertising strategy. You could leave it to chance, or you could trust Continuum Design to do what we do best: position your business for success.